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This fast-paced discipline is highly entertaining for both participants and spectators

A beginner’s guide to Helice (or ZZ)

Will Edwards is thrown in at the deep end as he tries out this most exciting of clay disciplines

Pruning saws are ideal for coppicing

10 tips to choosing the right saw for the job

Jonny Crockett’s guide to saw selection

James Longthorne Stewart smoking-in the barrels

Tube talk: 10 little known facts about barrel making

Longthorne Gunmakers kicks off its new series with an insight into making barrels

Kit tests

Zeiss Conquest HD

German conquest: Zeiss Conquest HD binoculars

We are already big fans of the Conquest HD range from Zeiss, and this latest addition to the family is more than welcome.

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The ATA surprised with its shooting qualities

Gun test: ATA SP over-and-under

The latest budget gun to emerge from Turkey takes inspiration from the popular Beretta brand, offering no-nonsense styling and surprisingly good shooting qualities

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Gun test: Browning 725 – what a corker!

Mike struggles to find fault with Browning’s new 32” 725 UK Game Gun, with its elegant lower profile and supreme pointability

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Gun test special: Great guns at the CLA

If you missed the game fair or didn’t make it to see everyone along Gunmakers’ Row, here is Mike Yardley’s account of the bumper crop of exciting new shotguns

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The Perdix is suited to both game shooting and clay breaking. Pictures: Mike Yardley

Gun test: Powell Perdix

William Powell’s new high spec Perdix both impresses and surprises Mike, 
being solid, well-finished and well-priced

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BASC is calling for the resignation of the councillor who made 'sick comments' about the suicide of Allan Ellis

Councillor who mocked suicide must go, says BASC

BASC is calling for the resignation of a local councillor and animal rights extremist who posted ‘sick comments’ about man’s suicide on Facebook

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The 'glorious twelve' benefits of grouse shooting    Picture: BASC/Moorland Association

Value of grouse shooting highlighted to MPs

As the grouse season draws to a close, BASC and the Moorland Association highlight key grouse shooting facts to MPs

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Make sure you have your say about licensing fees

Have your say on increased licensing fees

Shooters are being urged to take part in a four-week consultation process on plans to increase the cost of firearms licensing fees

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Scotland's 2014 grouse season hailed as the best in a generation

Scotland’s grouse season is one of the best in living memory

Scotland has enjoyed one of its best grouse shooting seasons to date – hailed by some as the best in a generation

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Want top tuition from Swarovski and Blaser? Here’s how to get it...

Join Swarovski Optik to receive tuition and advice from top professionals and leading gunmakers

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Make sure your guns are stored safely and securely

Police to toughen up on gun security

New Home Office guidance supports the police in making unannounced visits on firearms owners

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Ask the experts

A 20-bore requires greater accuracy than a 12-bore

Can I use a 20-bore for clay shooting?

It’s very rare that I ever see a 20-bore being used by anyone other than a junior or lady when I go clay shooting. Are they not suitable for target shooting?

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Using a shotgun in gardens is likely to cause alarm

Too close for comfort?

May I shoot my 12-bore shotgun in a friend’s back garden that is plagued with rabbits, which are threatening his tennis court? The property in question has a garden over 50m long and 30m wide. The rabbits are at the bottom of the garden which backs onto farmland with no public walkways or any buildings whatsoever, just acres of arable fields.

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Beating and picking-up is extremely hard work on a moor, especially for your dogs

Grouse expectations

I regularly go picking-up on lowland pheasant and partridge shoots throughout the season, but through a friend I’ve just been offered the opportunity to pick-up on a grouse moor in North Yorkshire next season. Please can you tell me what I might have to expect and what things I should consider taking with me?

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There is no such thing as a magic call

Which fox calls really work?

There are so many fox calls on the market, but which ones really work? I can’t mouth call or use the back of my 
hand but don’t want to spend a fortune on an electronic caller either.

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You've gotta hand it to me

How to teach delivery to hand

I have a two-year-old springer bitch who is easily the best springer I have had to date from a training point of view. Stopping, dropping and returning on the whistle, walking to heel, hunting and retrieving have all been easily achieved. The trouble I have is that although she will return a dummy to hand, as soon as she retrieves game she will drop it before she gets back to me and run off looking for something else. Have I done something wrong and can it be rectified?

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