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Wiley X Saber

6 of the best: shooting glasses

Set your sights on getting the best view of your target as possible with these super specs

Gun cabinets to suit all budgets and needs

6 of the best: shotgun cabinets

If you’ve got a shotgun you will, by law, need a gun cabinet to store it in. We’ve compiled a list of gun cabinets to suit all budgets and needs.

Ensure you manage your firearms properly and avoid breaking the law

Sporting Shooter’s Guide to Gun Storage

Whether you’re new to the sport or you just want to brush up on your gun storage knowledge, follow our essential guide to ensure you manage your firearms properly and avoid breaking the law.

Kit tests

Picture: Mike Yardley

Gun test: Aya No.4 .410 side-by-side

Fun, eccentric, a delight to shoot, and with enviable dynamics, what’s not to like about the AyA No.4 .410 side-by-side?

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Savage Model 42

It’s a rifle, it’s a shotgun... no, it’s the Savage Model 42!

The Model 42 is the perfect pest control tool and is also great for youngsters

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Picture: Mike Yardley

Gun test: Yildiz Sporter

It might not win any beauty contests, but Mike Yardley finds the Yildiz 12-bore instinctive and forgiving to use

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Shooting quality comes top of the list for Mike as he dislikes overly decorated guns

Expert’s choice: Mike’s guns and why he rates them

Ever wondered what our esteemed gun tester looks for when choosing guns for his own use? Mike tells us about his own shotguns and why he likes them

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Gun test: Beretta 690 Grade III Sporter

Can the new Beretta 690 really help you shoot better? With its low felt recoil and seemingly intuitive qualities, Mike Yardley certainly thinks so

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Picture: Keith Cann

Shoots buzzing about bees

BASC is asking shoots to help beekeepers for the benefit of bees, the countryside and shoots

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Picture: Philip Hollis

Victory for working dogs in Wales

Countryside Alliance secures recognition for gundogs and hunt kennels in Welsh dog breeding guidance

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Win with Winster! Enter Seeland’s Family Clay Challenge

Seeland has launched a national family clay challenge, as part of its promotion of the new multi-disciplined Winster Family – a practical clothing range that bridges the gap between clay and game shooting.

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The redwing was one of 19 red-listed species spotted by farmers during the Big Farmland Bird Count. (Picture: Peter Thompson)

Birds flock to farmland this winter in a million acre count

The GWCT’s second Big Farmland Bird Count records the blackbird as the most common bird seen on farms, and adds 11 species to the list compiled last year.

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Picture: A de la Serre

Shoot Benchmarking survey now open

Smiths Gore and the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust have launched their annual Shoot Benchmarking survey, offering shoots the opportunity to gain a better understanding of their financial performance for free

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RSPB case thrown out of court

The RSPB should hang its head in shame, says NGO, after court rules that the bird charity provided unlawfully obtained evidence to support the prosecution of a gamekeeper

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Ask the experts

Picture: Dom Holtam

Sausages or burgers?

I often end up with a surplus of venison and there is only so much stew you can eat… so to expand my culinary repertoire I am considering investing in sausage making gear. Is it worth the hassle or should I stick to burgers?

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Picture: Sparsholt

One rifle suits all?

The farm I currently shoot rabbits on has now given me permission to control the foxes and deer. I intend to apply for a variation but I am unsure whether to apply for two separate calibres or one all-rounder?

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Picture: Don Brunt

Right way, wrong way?

Is there a correct and an incorrect way to carry your gun when in its slip? Someone told me I was doing it wrong the other day, but I thought it was just a question of what is most comfortable for you?

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Picture: Laurie Campbell

Might we have mink?

We might have mink on the river that runs near our pheasant pen. What telltale signs would mink leave and what can we do about them?

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Now's the time to deal with rats on your shoot

How to deal with a rat problem

We have a lot of rats around our feed hoppers and cover crops this winter. Can you suggest ways of controlling them?

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