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Four of the best pigeon shooting loads

For those whose shotgun adventures don’t come to an end on 1 February, Vic presents his pick of the pigeon shooting loads

This fast-paced discipline is highly entertaining for both participants and spectators

A beginner’s guide to Helice (or ZZ)

Will Edwards is thrown in at the deep end as he tries out this most exciting of clay disciplines

Pruning saws are ideal for coppicing

10 tips to choosing the right saw for the job

Jonny Crockett’s guide to saw selection

Kit tests


Gun test: Beretta 690 Grade III Sporter

Can the new Beretta 690 really help you shoot better? With its low felt recoil and seemingly intuitive qualities, Mike Yardley certainly thinks so

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Gun test: Browning Maxus Premium Grade III

Browning’s premium grade Maxus with speed-loading system is a quick, clever gun that offers soft shooting and a whole host of special features that make it a good buy, says Mike

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Seeland Boot Dryer

Six of the best hand and foot warmers

Keeping your extremities toasty when it’s cold out can be tricky. Here’s our pick of gloves, socks and gadgets to warm your digits

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Zeiss Conquest HD

German conquest: Zeiss Conquest HD binoculars

We are already big fans of the Conquest HD range from Zeiss, and this latest addition to the family is more than welcome.

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The ATA surprised with its shooting qualities

Gun test: ATA SP over-and-under

The latest budget gun to emerge from Turkey takes inspiration from the popular Beretta brand, offering no-nonsense styling and surprisingly good shooting qualities

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Picture: A de la Serre

Shoot Benchmarking survey now open

Smiths Gore and the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust have launched their annual Shoot Benchmarking survey, offering shoots the opportunity to gain a better understanding of their financial performance for free

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RSPB case thrown out of court

The RSPB should hang its head in shame, says NGO, after court rules that the bird charity provided unlawfully obtained evidence to support the prosecution of a gamekeeper

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A Taste of Game recipe will accompany the oven-ready pheasant

Try a Taste of Game at Aldi

Taste of Game has teamed up with DB Foods and supermarket Aldi to stock oven-ready pheasants under the Brookfield Game brand

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The BASC membership distribution map shows that there is no rural/urban divide

Shooting has no rural/urban divide, says BASC

A distribution map of BASC’s membership of more than 140,000 shows people who take part in shooting sports live in city, town, coast and countryside and dispels any myth about shooting being solely a rural issue.

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The Schools Challenge Winners 2014

TSC 10th anniversary special

The 10th anniversary of The Schools Challenge will see the biggest prize in clay shooting being awarded to one talented young shot

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BASC is calling for the resignation of the councillor who made 'sick comments' about the suicide of Allan Ellis

Councillor who mocked suicide must go, says BASC

BASC is calling for the resignation of a local councillor and animal rights extremist who posted ‘sick comments’ about man’s suicide on Facebook

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Ask the experts

What is the significance of lymph nodes in deer?

When I was gralloching a deer with a friend the other day he asked me if the lymph nodes appeared normal. I must confess I wasn’t entirely sure what these are and what they tell us about the deer.

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Walk this way

We’ve got a footpath crossing a woodland on our shoot. We’ve been told that we need to maintain it so that people can walk through unhindered. Are there any regulations we need to adhere to?

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In Africa Diggory can shoot pigeon at 50 yards with virtually no choke at all

Not enough choke?

I have been offered a very nice looking hammer gun by John Rigby. It has lovely damascus barrels and a pretty action. I’m very tempted but the seller told me it has True Cylinder in both barrels. I want to shoot game and I’m worried I need more choke. Should I wait for a gun with more choke to turn up or will this be okay?

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Fires built on peat-based soil can burn sideways away from the fire itself

Life in the old fire yet...

I’ve been told that fires lit in forestry blocks can burst back into life long after they’ve been put out. Is this true and what can be done to prevent it?

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A 20-bore requires greater accuracy than a 12-bore

Can I use a 20-bore for clay shooting?

It’s very rare that I ever see a 20-bore being used by anyone other than a junior or lady when I go clay shooting. Are they not suitable for target shooting?

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