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Credit: Gaetano Poccetti

The new Beretta 690 *VIDEO*

Beretta’s stunning new 690 Field 12-bore is hot off the production line and has already caught Dom’s eye

Credit: Laurie Campbell

Summer deer stalking *VIDEO*

Dom heads out for some fallow deer but ends up having a close encounter with a family of roe

Training your gundog to retrieve - part one

Not all gundogs are natural retrievers. If yours isn’t, follow Howard’s guide to instill that all-important instinct

Kit tests

Harry Yardley shooting a Browning 525 30-inch Sporter, one of his dad's top all-round choices

Gun test: The ultimate all-rounder

Beware the man with one gun, they say… but how do you make sure it’s the right gun?

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swarovski factory

People Power - We Visit the Swarovski Factory

What makes Swarovski products so special? Rebecca Green goes behind the 
scenes at the Swarovski Optik factory in Austria to find out

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Browning A5 gun test

Browning A5 - Automatic for the People

Mike Yardley tries out Browning’s new A5, a semi-auto with a proud heritage

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Miroku MK38 gun test

Gun test: MK38 Teague choked Miroku Sporter

Mike Yardley delivers a glowing review of the MK38 Teague Sporter

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Beretta silver pigeon deluxe gun test august

Beretta Silver Pigeon Deluxe

New Silver Pigeon is a well-rounded performer

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Latest News

Chris Wild (left) and Mike Hemingway take a breather during a training ride

Tour de CLA

Two countrymen cycle 300 miles in three days for charity

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CLA Game Fair highlights *VIDEO*

Despite the sweltering heat and the heavy rain, crowds flocked to the 56th CLA Game Fair to be entertained by a multitude of knockout attractions – Dom shares his highlights from the weekend

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Alan Jarrett

BASC announces 2014 council election results

The results of this year’s elections to BASC’s Council were announced at the association’s Annual General Meeting on Saturday 14 June. Peter Glenser was re-elected and Ian Grindy was elected to council. Alan Balfour, who stood for the Scotland seat on council, was returned unopposed.

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Harewood House

Harewood House to host CLA Game Fair 2015

STOP PRESS! The CLA has announced it is heading North next year, returning to Harewood House, Leeds, Yorkshire, from Friday 31 July to Sunday 2 August 2015.

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Richard Ali

Shooting is part of the future of Britain’s unique uplands, says BASC

Richard Ali speaks on the future of UK uplands and the role that shooting and conservation play in their protection

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Ask the experts

Most referees are fair

Umpire upset

I have seen some fairly appalling refereeing decisions in the past month or so at some major events – people not being allowed to see targets before shooting, general rudeness and even a shooter told he couldn’t shoot because he didnt have the right kind of safety glasses. Is this kind of thing commonplace?

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If ferals are causing a major problem, Andy will shoot them

Why feral pigeons aren’t on the menu

Why doesn’t Andy shoot ferals when out pigeon shooting? Surely he must get plenty of opportunities?

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Should I get a deer dog?

I have recently acquired some new stalking permission in Hampshire which has large numbers of fallow, roe and muntjac. I do not currently have access to a dog that’s able to find dead or wounded deer so I feel it is now time that I should be looking to get my first deer specific puppy. Please can you advise on suitable breeds?

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Spaniel on Land Rover tailgate

Travel troubles

My spaniel pup suffers really badly in the car, is there any way to help him overcome the travel sickness problem?

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gundog experts

Hedgerow hunting

QI have a young spaniel and when hunting along hedgerows he always pulls ahead and sometimes gets through the other side and a couple of times he has run off. What can I do about it?

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