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In its current format the Purdey couldn't look more dissimilar to this one, but will it be salvageable?

A bog-standard Purdey

With no barrels and no stock, will a Purdey that is discovered in a police station in Ireland be salvageable?

sent by Cleave, Brooke

Living Heritage Country Shows *VIDEO*

Held out doors in some of the UK’s most beautiful locations, Living Heritage Events has everything you need to celebrate the great outdoors

Amber Hill posting on Twitter

Perazzi sponsor Amber Hill

Skeet superstar Amber Hill will now be sponsored by Perazzi, following a contract offer from the Italian shotgun manufacturer.

Kit tests

swarovski factory

People Power - We Visit the Swarovski Factory

What makes Swarovski products so special? Rebecca Green goes behind the 
scenes at the Swarovski Optik factory in Austria to find out

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Browning A5 gun test

Browning A5 - Automatic for the People

Mike Yardley tries out Browning’s new A5, a semi-auto with a proud heritage

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Miroku MK38 gun test

Gun test: MK38 Teague choked Miroku Sporter

Mike Yardley delivers a glowing review of the MK38 Teague Sporter

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Beretta silver pigeon deluxe gun test august

Beretta Silver Pigeon Deluxe

New Silver Pigeon is a well-rounded performer

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Gun on test: Baikal 20-bore side-by-side

Gun test: Baikal 20-bore side-by-side reviewed

Mike Yardley reviews the Baikal 20-bore side-by-side and thinks it offers remarkable value for money

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Helena Romanes was on top form! Picture: Neal Wilcox

Essex comprehensive wins The Schools Challenge

Helena Romanes School, nominated for School of the Year at this year’s CPSA awards, has become the national schools champions

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The event - which will be held on Saturday - is sure to be a hit

Countryside Fair to be held in Nottingham

Best of British Countryside Fair will be held on Saturday 29 June at North Lodge Farm in Nottingham

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Entry closes on 1st July

Gundog of the Year

The CLA Game Fair is launching the CLA Gundog of the Year contest

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Are you sick of having no signal?

Help the search for a signal

The Countryside Alliance is asking people in rural areas to become phone detectives this summer to help map real phone reception rates across the UK

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Take A Friend Fishing between 25 May and 2 June

Free fishing for a friend

The Take A Friend Fishing campaign is back again from 25 May to 2 June

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Olympic gold medallist Peter Wilson instructs first-time shot Rob Scammell, aged 14. Picture credit: Paul Quagliana

National Shooting Week

NSW is launched with a bang by Olympic legend Peter Wilson

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Ask the experts

Spaniel on Land Rover tailgate

Travel troubles

My spaniel pup suffers really badly in the car, is there any way to help him overcome the travel sickness problem?

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gundog experts

Hedgerow hunting

QI have a young spaniel and when hunting along hedgerows he always pulls ahead and sometimes gets through the other side and a couple of times he has run off. What can I do about it?

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When looking to invest, rarity, original quality and current condition are things to look for.

Hedge your bets

QWhat would you advise me to buy as an investment if I were shopping for an English gun?

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gundog experts

Reluctant to retrieve pigeon

QI have been roost shooting with my young dog but he is very reluctant to pick up the freshly-shot pigeons. What can I do to encourage him?

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gundog experts

Help the aged

QMy 10-year-old spaniel was very stiff after a day’s beating this season. My wife says I shouldn’t take him next year, but our puppy won’t be ready for the start of next season. Is there anything I can give him to help?

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