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Picture: Jake Eastham

Season of plenty: our expert guide to the best UK sport

Make this season one to remember and treat yourself to a sporting adventure. James Marchington picks some winners

Refreshing your dog's heelwork will make life much easier in the field

Top 10 tips: how to prepare your gundog for this year’s season

Howard’s guide on what to brush up on with your gundog before venturing out into the field

Six of the best cartridges for early season quarry

Vic Harker looks at the latest offerings for the challenging sport grouse shooting represents, and the newest developments in non-toxic loads for duck

Kit tests

Gun test: Browning 725 – what a corker!

Mike struggles to find fault with Browning’s new 32” 725 UK Game Gun, with its elegant lower profile and supreme pointability

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Gun test special: Great guns at the CLA

If you missed the game fair or didn’t make it to see everyone along Gunmakers’ Row, here is Mike Yardley’s account of the bumper crop of exciting new shotguns

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The Perdix is suited to both game shooting and clay breaking. Pictures: Mike Yardley

Gun test: Powell Perdix

William Powell’s new high spec Perdix both impresses and surprises Mike, 
being solid, well-finished and well-priced

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Harry Yardley shooting a Browning 525 30-inch Sporter, one of his dad's top all-round choices

Gun test: The ultimate all-rounder

Beware the man with one gun, they say… but how do you make sure it’s the right gun?

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swarovski factory

People Power - We Visit the Swarovski Factory

What makes Swarovski products so special? Rebecca Green goes behind the 
scenes at the Swarovski Optik factory in Austria to find out

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Want top tuition from Swarovski, Browning and Blaser? Here’s how to get it...

Join Swarovski Optik for two great events in November where you will receive tuition and advice from Swarovski professionals and leading gunmakers...

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Make sure your guns are stored safely and securely

Police to toughen up on gun security

New Home Office guidance supports the police in making unannounced visits on firearms owners

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The Ultimate winter challenge

Following the success of last year’s Stratstone Super 7 challenge, this year the event has been fine tuned to The Stratstone Ultimate One and will once again be running at the Royal Berkshire Shooting School for four months from 6 October.

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‘Shoo don’t shoot’ proposals abolished

Pigeon shooters can breathe a sigh of relief following the news that Natural England has abolished its ‘shoo don’t shoot’ proposals following a General Licences consultation

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Picture: Robin Jones/Digital South

Calling all would-be gamekeepers

Sparsholt College announces details of the first of this year’s open days

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More than 1,000 areas of shooting land mapped with BASC

More than 1,000 areas of land used for shooting have been signed up to the British Association for Shooting and Conservation’s (BASC) Green Shoots Mapping programme, a secure online system which records species and habitats of national importance found on land managed for shooting.

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Ask the experts

Smocks are very popular with stalkers

Stalking attire: smock or zip-up?

Why are so many stalkers using smocks instead of zip-up jackets? Is there something I’m missing here?

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A deer has over 295 million olfactory receptors

How much scent can deer really detect?

We all know that stalking into the wind helps us get closer to the deer, but I just wonder how careful we, as stalkers, need to be when disguising our scent?

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It is likely that most people will be using standard 28g shells

Heavy shells – help or hindrance?

A friend of mine was talking about a big shoot he is hoping to enter next year that has no restrictions on the type of cartridges that can be used. He seemed to be quite excited at the prospect of using some really heavy shells... does it really give a big advantage?

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Picture: Lee Beel

Jobs for the big boys

Any advice on how to handle large deer carcasses in the field?

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In FITASC Sporting you can wait up to 20 seconds between targets

Is there a time limit when shooting clays?

A friend and I shot behind someone the other day who took ages between calling for pairs. They lined up their shells, pointed at the break points, closed the gun, opened it again, and this went on for what seemed like an eternity. I appreciate that a pre-shot routine is important to some people, but this must have taken a good 20-25 seconds between finishing one pair and starting the next.

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