Top 5 semi-autos

Beretta AL391

The gas operated Beretta semi-auto is one of the best guns on the market and used by, amongst others, our own Mike Yardley. Recoil is very low and handling good thanks to the tough alloy action design. Both wooden and synthetic stocked models are available. Simply a superb gun.

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Beretta Extrema

This gun is distinguished by its 31⁄2in chamber and very strong, rotary-locking, gas-operated action. It is a solid gun with low recoil. It functions perfectly well with standard shells as well as magnum loads, and the gun is available in camouflage form or with a black synthetic stock.

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Browning Gold

Some years ago, Browning developed a new semi-automatic based on a gas system with a clever new valve that allows for reliable use with all sorts of cartridges. The gun also makes use of new materials for its cocking-sleeve and has a very fast cycle time – an excellent modern auto.

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Remington 1100

Remington was the first to really perfect gas operation in shotguns. The firm’s 1100 has been around for 40 or more years and it is still going strong. This is a great gun for both skeet and pigeon shooting. Styling and finish have been much improved in recent years.

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Benelli Montefeltro

Available in many configurations and in left-handed form, this is a great semi-auto based on a beautifully simple, rotary-bolt, inertia action – it doesn't bleed off gas from the barrel like most semis. The Montefeltro Comfort is a lovely, lively gun with low felt recoil.

Distributed by GMK,  Prices from £935 ";s