A gamekeeper’s essential guide: how to choose the right tyre tread for your 4x4

All-terrain 4x4 tyre from General Tire ideal for gamekeepers, conservationists and shoots.

An all-terrain tyre is a recommended choice for a gamekeeper, as it delivers high performance both on and off-road. - Credit: General Tire

There’s nothing worse than getting your vehicle stuck in the mud on shoot day, which is why it’s vital to find the right tyres for your 4x4 or SUV.

As a gamekeeper, you spend just as much time on the road as you do off it, and will need a tyre that can handle both.

“The wrong tyre could lead to a breakdown, damage the hunting grounds and hold up a shoot,” reveals Dave Dineen, 4x4 and SUV tyre specialist at General Tire.

To make sure there are fewer bumps in your journey, he shares the secret to finding tyres perfect for your vehicle and lifestyle.

Q: Why is it important for gamekeepers to find the right tyres for their 4x4?

A: Much like you wouldn’t wear flip-flops for a day in the field, your car needs appropriate footwear (tyres in this case) to perform seamlessly, do its job and, in turn, help you do yours.

During the day, you need your car to travel on roads between farmlands, town and home, easily tackle off-road estate routes and safely transport your guests. You also need to keep your fleet of vehicles in top condition.

With this in mind, the tyres must be able to effortlessly traverse across this mix of terrain, providing the grip you need to tow heavy loads and protect the hunting grounds.

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Q: What should you consider before purchasing a 4x4 tyre?

A: Consider what duties you need to carry out, assess what type of terrain you’ll mainly be travelling on and what kind of vehicles you’ll mostly be working with.

Fitting the correct tyre can prevent accidents and delays, ensuring your guests have an amazing experience. It helps you to protect the environment, as with the correct tread you won’t bite into the grass or leave unsightly marks. You can also save money on fuel, as it will ensure maximum efficiency for your 4x4 or SUV.

Gamekeeper 4x4 advice and tyre recommendations from General Tire

As a gamekeeper, you need a tyre that's suitable for driving around the estate, across the fields and also on road. - Credit: General Tire

Q: What 4x4 tyres are there?

A: There are three main types of tyres for 4x4 and SUV vehicles.

  • On-road – like General Tire’s Grabber GT Plus. Designed for those that spend most of the time on the road, they deliver reliable performance, outstanding wet grip and high mileage.
  • All-terrain – like General Tire’s Grabber AT3. Perfect for those that split their time evenly between on and off-road driving.
  • Mud-terrain – like General Tire’s Grabber X3. Ideal for those mostly navigating off-road terrain. The tread offers maximum grip and traction for high performance on mud, dirt and rock.

Q: Which 4x4 tyre is best for a gamekeeper?

A: An all-terrain tyre is a recommended choice for a gamekeeper, but it all depends on the conditions of service. General Tire’s Grabber AT3 offers the best of both worlds, with added traction for high performance in mud and improved handling for a smooth and comfortable driving experience on the road.

All-terrain 4x4 or SUV tyres from General Tire to suit country living, gamekeepers and shooters.

Tyre choice is essential for gamekeepers. It's an integral part of their kit that enables them to perform their daily responsibilities without issue. - Credit: General Tire

It can be used all year round. The non-studded winter tread provides a powerful grip in snow, ice and wet conditions. DuraGen™ Technology extends the life of your tyre, for your peace of mind.

Q: How can I keep my tyres in good condition?

A: Regularly check they are inflated to the recommended pressure to avoid wear and tear. When towing trailers, consult your handbook to check if you need to increase the tyre’s load.

We’d also propose having an annual tyre check. Many local garages will perform this service for free. Use General Tire’s website to discover your nearest retailer.

General Tire’s Grabber AT3 all-terrain tyre is a recommended choice for gamekeepers.

General Tire’s Grabber AT3 winter tread provides a powerful grip in snow, ice, wet and dry conditions. - Credit: General Tire

Q: Why seek specialist advice from General Tire?

A: Consulting a specialist can save you time, money and stress. A tyre professional can explain what products are available and provide technical insight, allowing you to choose a product that will enable you to carry out your daily responsibilities without issue.

General Tire has over 100 years of experience manufacturing and refining its technologies and processes to remain a leader in the constantly developing tyre industry. They offer one of the most comprehensive range of tyre patterns, ensuring you can find exactly what you need. They value quality, performance and customer satisfaction above all else.

To explore their full range or find your nearest General Tire retailer, visit generaltire.co.uk.

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