End of season fun - your best moments from the game season

Robin Coates

Robin Coates - Credit: Archant

A selection of photos and stories from our readers, detailing their best moments from the game season...

Robin Coates

Robin Coates - Credit: Archant


We were invited to Thorpe Hall, Rudston, East Yorkshires Junior shoot day. Isaac was very nervous having only shot air-rifles and clays up until now. The day got off to an unbelievable start with the shoot organising a rather unique mode of shoot transport for the boys and girls; two Belgian draught horses and trailer. Isaac clipped a couple of tail feathers in the first two drives and started to settle down a bit. The fourth drive was his breakthrough with a lovely brisk pheasant, then all of a sudden another. The whistle went and immediately all the other juniors raced over to confirm the shots and a blooding ceremony was played out (camaraderie at its very best). The day saw another brace in the bag and the tension of the ‘first shoot nerves’ had melted away to be replaced, as only kids can, with real glee at a triumphant debut in the field. A proud dad’s thanks go to the excellent tutelage of Allen Elvidge of Cottondale Shooting Ground, and especially his loader for the day Matt Mason, who coaxed Isaac through his initial nerves into a happy junior shooter who is sure to return.

Robin Coates

Robin Coates - Credit: Archant

Robin Coates

Robin Coates - Credit: Archant


My first shoot with my son and my first duck on a fab shoot in Norfolk.

Cara Bisland-Cook

Cara Bisland-Cook - Credit: Archant


A little shoot in East Harling in Norfolk, crossing the river to pick up some birds. The dog has got the right idea to get in the boat and not swim. It was the best day of the season. Can’t wait for next year!

Dan Denniss

Dan Denniss - Credit: Archant

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Favourite moment(s) were getting to shoot, beat and pick-up on various grouse moors across the North of England, having never had any involvement with grouse before.

Frazer Davies

Frazer Davies - Credit: Archant


My best moment was getting this picture of our girl picking a lovely cock bird. She has done us proud this season. Sadly had to miss the last two days as she came into season but is having a well earned rest for a few weeks before training starts again.

Heather Bradbury

Heather Bradbury - Credit: Archant


Me with my girl and the white pheasant that was shot by the shoot captain. Took us about hour an hour to find it but we weren’t going to let that get away! He’s still to pay the fine…

Jason Reynolds

Jason Reynolds - Credit: Archant


Filling up the game wagon before lunchtime! Always a sign of a cracking day!

Marc Andrew

Marc Andrew - Credit: Archant


My girl making one hell of a retrieve! Last year she struggled with the confidence to jump a low fence with a bird, this season she’s flying over a gate!

Megan Borthwick

Megan Borthwick - Credit: Archant


First season out with my young lab, which is the first gun dog I’ve trained myself. No better feeling than watching him work!

Pete Armstrong

Pete Armstrong - Credit: Archant