Watch: Andy Crow's 160-bird day on the pigeons!

Andy Crow and his cousin Gary in front of a pigeon hide

Andy Crow and his cousin, Gary, have been shooting together since they were kids; they are lethal when working together in the hide! - Credit: Archant

Andy Crow and cousin Gary make the most of a good strong wind to bag 160 pigeons that have been hammering Andy's fodder rape crop!

In this episode of Pigeon Shooting with Andy Crow on Shooting & Country TV, Andy and cousin Gary are out on a mission to protect the rape crop, which has already been eaten down dramatically in some areas.

It's freezing cold, and the farmer wants to move his sheep fencing, but Andy has been waiting for a good wind for days, and is not missing this opportunity to control the pigeons that plague this farmland. 

In the end, it's well worth the wait, as the pigeons just keep coming and coming and day long!

The boys end with a fantastic 160 birds in the bag. Enjoy!