Your first gun

It's fun getting a new gun, and even better if it's your first!

If you're thinking of getting your first gun, you need to know what you are going to use it for. There's lots of different guns out there, and some are better suited to certain things than others. The differences can range from really obvious things, like the length of barrels, to the less obvious things like choking and the type of rib.


If you know what kind of shooting you want to do, or you want to have a gun simply for general shooting, there are still some other things you need to think about.


For instance, it is really important that you have a gun that fits. This may sound a bit silly, thinking of a gun like clothing, but the idea behind it is the same. You will shoot best when you are comfortable holding and mounting the gun. When it feels natural, you can think about the target rather than the gun. if you're thinking about the gun, you'll probably miss. The best thing to do is visit your local gun shop and have a chat. They'll be able to advise you on fit, and may happen to have the ideal gun in the shop!


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It's also probably a good idea to have a set budget in mind. Buying a gun can be stupidly expensive, with a pair of best London guns likely to set you back well over £100,000! But it doesn't have to cost you the price of a small house. For those on a slightly tighter budget, there are some excellent guns for around £500. Have a look in our Buying A Gun section for some ideas.


Another thing to consider is whether you are going to buy new or second hand. There is no reason to say definitely do one or the other. The choice is yours, and will probably depend on what is out there. But you need to be aware that it is a decision you will need to make, as there are advantages and disadvantages to both. If you are thinking of buying second hand, check out the Classic Guns section.


Make sure you look in the classifieds here - the Internet is becoming really popular for advertising guns, though you should always see the gun in person before you buy it. Probably the best advice is to go and visit your local gun shop. They are a great source of information on all things shooting.