Trouble with stealthy stalking

ssh dec spurts

ssh dec spurts - Credit: Archant

I love the autumn, but I always seem to have the same problem – once the leaves are falling and we get early frosts, it feels like I am stalking through cornflakes. I am sure that the deer hear me coming long before I get to see them. Any tips for stealth?

DOM HOLTAM replies: There is no easy solution. Moving very slowly helps and one guy in Germany likes to stalk in his socks for maximum stealth, but I’m not sure he’d like it so much in the UK in December…

In truth, the noise will sound worse to you and from 100m away is probably inaudible. Pick your route as carefully as possible, feel your steps from heel to toe, and keep the wind in your favour. You’ll still get deer on the deck – frosty leaves or not.