Spotting when your dog is overheating during exercise

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ask the experts - Credit: Archant

What are the signs that your dog might be overheating during exercise sessions? Vicky Payne replies

Q: What are the signs of overheating in a dog during exercise?

VET VICKY PAYNE replies: First, you will notice excessive panting and the tongue will appear bigger than normal, but many gundogs will keep working because that’s what they love to do. As the hyperthermia continues, the dog will behave as though it is a bit drunk, e.g. less responsive to the whistle, stagger, or look confused. If you continue to work the dog, it may collapse or even have a fit. Ideally, you should stop the dog when the panting starts to become excessive, and give small drinks of tepid water, as well as cooling the dog with running water if you can.