Sharing a hide

Is a duo dynamic or disastrous?

Is a duo dynamic or disastrous? - Credit: Archant

Can two people fit in a hide or is it too dangerous?

Reader question: I have been invited to share a hide with a pigeon shooting pal but am worried about etiquette. Any advice?

Crowman replies: Safety first! I am assuming you will be shooting so there are two guns in a tight space. Take extra precautions to be safe – if you have an over-and-under or side-by-side, think about loading. Maybe break the barrels over the edge of the hide. Consider your movement – do you have space? Does your host have plenty of room? Establish the rules at the start of the day and don’t be afraid to ask for advice – I am sure your host will be glad to coach you through it. Taking turns on shots is also a good idea.

It might be nice to take some refreshments for you and your pal, too. Or you could just do what Dom, Sporting Shooter’s Editor, always does… turn up late, pinch my seat, eat my lunch and shoot all the easy birds!