Keeping my wooden stock in good condition

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ask the experts - Credit: Archant

How do I maintain the beautiful oiled finsih on my wooden stock? Ideally I want to use an off-the-shelf product...

Q: I have a Beretta which had a lovely oiled stock finish done a little time ago. I would like to keep it in its present good condition and when I asked a stocker what I should use, he advised a mixture of boiled linseed oil (70%) and liquid dryer (30%). Is there an off-the-shelf product I could use? I have some reservations about my ability to mix and use these products in the correct manner and still retain a nice finish on my stock and fore-end – the last thing I want is to ruin it.

DIGGORY HADOKE replies: You can try Napier or CCL or Trade Secrets products. All work well when the instructions are followed closely. They are essentially linseed oils, waxes and driers. The key thing is to prepare the wood correctly by ensuring it’s completely dry before rubbing it lightly with wet and dry sandpaper. Always use a lint-free cloth when applying the oil and make sure you rub the oil off thoroughly between coats.