I can’t hit pigeons coming from behind the hide!

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ask the experts - Credit: Archant

Andy Crow offers advice on how to hit pigeons that come from behind the pigeon hide...

Q: I am really struggling with hitting pigeons that come from behind the hide, but incomers and crossers are never a problem. What am I doing wrong?

ANDY CROW replies: A lot of shooters get surprised by birds coming in from behind and as a result they panic a bit, rush their gun mount and their shot. If the gun swing is too fast you’ll miss in front. If you are lifting your head to try to watch the bird you won’t shoot well at all.

This is a relatively easy target to train on at the shooting ground using the tower and taking the targets going-away. Ask somebody to button for you but not tell you when the targets are coming to make it trickier. Really concentrate on getting your cheek welded to the stock and don’t rush your swing.