Etiquette for walked-up days


restraint - Credit: Archant

How do you know when you’ve shot your fair share of birds on a walked-up day? Our expert editor Rebecca Green replies...

Q: On a walked-up day, how do I know when I will be deemed to have shot my share of the bag?

REBECCA GREEN replies: There is no definitive answer to this, but the first thing you must do is establish what the expected bag size is with whoever is running the day. This will give you a rough idea of how many birds, hypothetically speaking, your ‘share’ would be. Normally, if the team is fairly small and the day informal, you will have a fairly good idea of who’s shot what as you walk along and will be able to excercise judgement accordingly. You shouldn’t feel guilty if you find yourself in a hotspot, but if this is the case you can try and select the most sporting birds or simply stop shooting if you are worried that carrying on will probably tip the group over the bag limit.