A comfortable fit?

A comfortable fit?

A comfortable fit? - Credit: Nick Ridley

Is professional fitting worth it?

Question: Having owned an off-the-shelf standard Browning 425 for several years now, I’m considering having my gun professionally fitted. Do you have any thoughts on whether or not this will be a worthwhile exercise? I shoot most weekends and am now putting in some good C-class scores – in fact I’ve won a couple of shoots – but all the advice I get is have it fitted! I’m a little sceptical as I’m comfortable and making slow but steady progress and don’t really want to upset the balance.


Howard Kirby replies: Your question is a really good one, as the one thing that is glaringly obvious is that you are uncertain about the fit of your gun which itself means that it’s definitely worth having it looked at.

I use the words ‘looked at’ because it’s really important to know that having your gun checked for fit does not necessarily mean that it’s going to be altered. Shooting a shotgun is a practised skill but part of that skill is to be confident in yourself, your ability and of course your gun. There are endless articles, books and studies written on positive thought and confidence and performing to a high standard will require real self confidence.

A good gun fitter will be able to take a really good look at you and your gun and then join you in physical and mental harmony. The really good ones may take a good look, pat you on the shoulder and say, “Do you know what? That gun fits you like a glove; I’m not going to touch that.”

On the other hand, there may be some alterations to be made that will improve the overall fit. The thing that’s really important, especially in this case as you are already shooting very well, is that once you’ve had the gun fitting done you will be able to clear your mind of any doubt, think positively, get your head down and, as I always say, ‘feel the need; the need for lead’!

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