Clay Shooting

Top shots’ top choices

Top shots’ top choices

Don Brunt asks 10 of the country’s top clay shots which gun and cartridge combinations they use - and why...For photos and more, visit Don's website >>

George Digweed

15 times World Sporting ChampionGun choice: Perazzi mx2000sBarrel length: 32 inUsual choke choice: Full/FullTime used: 7 years“I like the fact that it is hand made. It’s well-balanced and moves where I want, when I want, with the minimum of effort. I get tremendous support from the company – wherever I am shooting in the world I know that if I need help they can get it to me quickly.”Cartridge choice: Gamebore White Gold 28grm 7.5Time used: 23 Years (Initially as Kent Cartridge)“These are well proven cartridges that, I feel, are the most consistent in the market. They may not be the fastest but it suits me and I prefer 100% consistency over speed. I like to find out what works for me and then stick to it.”

Richard Faulds MBE

Olympic Gold Medallist 2000Gun choice: Beretta DT10Barrel length: 32 in Usual choke choice: Full/FullTime used: 9 years“The gun is fantastic. It’s reliable, well balanced, delivers minimal recoil and points very well. I love it, I have won a lot with it and I have a lot of confidence with it. I can honestly say that even if I wasn’t sponsored by them it would be the gun I would buy.”Cartridge choice: Lyalvale Express Supreme 28grm for Sporting; Excel 24grm for Double Trap Time used: 15 years“These shells give me so much confidence, and in serious competition that is worth an awful lot to me. They are very consistent and I know that if I miss, it’s down to pilot error not down to the cartridge. I have shot 28grm Supremes for 10 years, even before 28 grm was required by the rules.”

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Graham Stirzaker

FITASC World Cup Winner 1986

Gun choice: Ceasar Guerini Summit Sporter Barrel length: 34 inUsual choke choice: � & � Time used: 1st year“The Guerini handles well, it shoots to point of aim, it’s well balanced and well made. Everyone who picks it up says they like it. It patterns very well and I don’t change choke unless tackling very close targets. Even with 34in barrels it is still whippy enough to shoot 100 straight at Skeet. The Guernin is also excellent for wildfowling and game shooting, and takes magnum loads very happily Cartridge choice: Eley VIP and Eley Superbs 28 grm 7.5Time used: 1 year “I have recently started shooting with the Superbs and they produce some excellent kills, leaving nothing more than balls of dust. In fact, they kill as well as the VIPs. Recoil is very manageable. The cartridge is right for me and the price is right for the quality of the product.”

Kate Brown

World Sporting Ladies Champion 2005

Gun choice: Krieghoff K80 Barrel length: 30inUsual choke choice: � & � Time used: 10 years“I have used the Krieghoff from the start of my shooting career, and would never contemplate changing. Some people are a little too keen to swap sponsors all the time, but so long as you shoot well and it doesn’t recoil too much, stick with what you have got. If you have a bad day, you have had a bad day. Weight distribution is spot on, some say they are a little heavy but I have never used a lighter gun and I don’t find it a problem.“Cartridge Choice: Gamebore White Gold 28grm 7.5Time used: 10 years“I will give the new Black gold a try, but I am content with what I am using as the combination works well. They aren’t too thumpy on the shoulder and I can shoot 200 in one day without feeling its been a marathon. They give me really good kills and that always builds your confidence if you can see you aren’t chipping stuff.”

Cheryl Hall

World Sporting Ladies Champion 2006

Gun choice: Renato Gamba 2k Barrel length: 30inUsual choke choice: � /Full Time used: 3 years“The Gamba handles very well, and being handmade it looks really good with some beautiful wood. I couldn’t foresee trying anything else; they feel like nothing else I have ever shot. When I picked it up off the shelf to try it for the first time it felt like an old friend and I haven’t looked back since.”Cartridge choice: Hull Sovereign 28grm 7.5 / 6.5Time used: 3 Years“The Sovereigns are smooth and quite soft as far as recoil is concerned, especially considering their speed. They pattern well through the Gamba and produce good consistent kills. Another benefit is that they are easy to find and are stocked nearly everywhere.”

Mark Winser

World Sporting Junior Champion 2006

Gun choice: Krieghoff K80 Super Sporter Barrel length: 32inUsual choke choice: � & � Time used: 1st year“The Krieghoff is a lot heavier than guns I have shot with before – the weight makes it swing smoothly and improves its handling. It also reduces recoil to a nearly negligible level. Overall it shoots like a dream – I find that I don’t miss in front which I used to do before. It still seems to be quick enough on the close in targets though.”Cartridge choice: Express Super Comps 28grm 7.5Time used: 4 years“I have found a cartridge that works well and I want to stick with one and get used to it – it helps me to learn their speed and pattern. I know the kind of kills I can expect, even out to 50 yards out and beyond. They’re hard hitting and quick; consequently there is some recoil but nothing that isn’t manageable. A good overall cartridge.

John Bidwell

Former FITASC World Champion

Gun choice: Blaser F3Barrel length: 30Usual choke choice: � & � Time used: 3 years “I won the vets’ class of the FITASC World Champs with the first prototype of the gun and that gave it a special place in my heart. It’s well engineered and the modular design of the mechanism is excellent. The trigger pulls are very crisp and the lock time of the gun is super fast. The balance is good and that can be adjusted to suit because of the moveable weights in the stock.”Cartridge choice: Eley VIP 28grm 7.5Time used: 4 years“I have won a lot with them, and they are soft on the shoulder through the F3. Patterns are excellent and they break targets very well. Whatever you choose, it’s important to stick to your choice and get used to it, learn its habits: this pays dividends when it comes to your scores. I like to go for a good product and a good company and stick with it.”

Georgie Jones

Pan American Sporting and FITASC Ladies Gold medal winner

Gun choice: Beretta DT10 Barrel length: 32”Usual choke choice: � & FullTime used: 5 years“The DT10 always feels smooth, the balance is nice, and it works very well for me. I have used Berettas ever since I started shooting. I have got used to it now, it comes up to the shoulder nicely and feels like an extension of my arm. I feel at one with the gun. It looks good and I get great support from GMK.”Cartridge choice: Express Supreme 28grm 8 Time used: 5 years “I like them because they pattern well and work well with my choke choice. They are a solid cartridge that don’t produce excessive amounts of recoil. They are also a very fast cartridge, and are excellent on long targets and consistent enough for me to work out where I need to aim for the shorter stuff.”

Ollie Baker

British Open Runner up & Junior Champion 2006

Gun choice: Miroku Mk38 Trap Grade 5Barrel length: 32inUsual choke choice : � & FullTime used: 2 years“The first time I tried it I shot very well and decided to buy it there and then. It is steady, well balanced, and doesn’t give a lot of recoil. It lives up to the Miroku reputation of being very useable straight off the shelf – they don’t need much tweaking. I haven’t had much done to it and it feels absolutely spot on. Even with 32 barrels I don’t have a problem with the closer stuff, you just need to be that much more precise. “Cartridge choice: Hull sovereign Extended Range 28grm 8 Time used: 1 year“They are a good fast shell, have got a bit of punch behind them which I find reassuring. They seem very consistent and give me the confidence to tackle both long and close targets. I tend switch to no 9 shot on very close stuff. People tell me it makes no difference to the pattern as its still in a plaswad but to me it does – it gives me more confidence and that can make a real difference.

Matt Hance

England and GB Fitasc Team member

Gun choice: Guerini Summit Trap 2007 modelBarrel length: 32inUsual choke choice: � and � Time used: 1st year The balance is very good, it’s very smooth and very pointable. It is exceptional value for money. It’s also aesthetically pleasing with a colour case hardened finish; the quality of the finish on these guns is fantastic for the price. The patterns it produces are tight, � choke in my experience is throwing as tight a pattern as � on a different gun. The shot strings it produces are awesome.”Cartridge choice: Eley VIP 28grm 8 Time used: 3 years“They are just great. Cartridges are all about confidence and the VIP exudes confidence. They’re very smooth and soft and they have never let me down. I always tell people to find something that works and stick with it.”


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