Watch: Andy Crow and friends go trout fishing!

Andy Crow and Grandson Regan on the bank of a lake, fly fishing

Andy and his grandson Regan taking some time out to go fishing - Credit: Archant

In this video, renowned pigeon shot Andy Crow takes some time out to go fly fishing at a local lake with his cousin, grandson, and friend Dom Holtam

Andy, cousin Gary, grandson Regan, and Dom Holtam from S&C TV go fly fishing for trout around the beautiful lakes at Coltsford Mill. 

With the game season still a long way off and the pigeons somewhat absent, Andy takes the opportunity at this time of year to relax and get some leisure time in... and what better way to relax than on the banks of a fishing lake!?

It's been a while since Dom has appeared on shooting YouTube, but he's back to enjoy some "banter" with Andy for this special issue.

Next month, we'll be back on the pigeons, but for now, enjoy the tranquility of the lakes and see how many fish the crew can pull out!