Eley Hawk launch a 24g VIP Pro Eco steel load

Eley Hawk launch a 24g VIP Pro Eco Steel Load

Eley Hawk launch a 24g VIP Pro Eco Steel Load - Credit: Archant

The cartridge manufacturer will be adding a sustainable cartridge that combines light recoil with Eley’s signature performance to our shelves in May

Clay and game cartridge manufacturers, Eley Hawk, have extended their flagship range of sustainable ammunition to include a 24g VIP Steel load, suitable for clay grounds with strict restrictions on the use of lead. The lighter cartridge is also ideal for shooters with sensitivity to recoil and young shots alike.

Eley Hawk Sales Manager, Carl Weller, commented: “Since launching the incredibly popular Steel Pro Eco Wad cartridges in the spring of 2019, we have been developing loads featuring this technology suitable for smaller bores and older guns, such as the Grand Prix Pro Eco Steel and 20 bore VIP Steel. It was a natural progression, therefore, to pioneer a lighter steel load that is perfect for shooting tuition, those of slender builds, and for simulated game days stipulating non-toxic shot and bio-degradable wads, for example.”

Key in the testing and development phase was champion shot and chief instructor at Frobury Shooting Ground, Paul Oldring. “At Frobury, the land we shoot over comprises mostly water meadows, meaning that we have been limited to a 28g steel cartridge which has considerable recoil to a 15-17-year-old taking their first shots. This new VIP 24g Pro Eco Steel load is noticeably lighter on the shoulder, handling like a 21g Eley Select, yet it still offers outstanding results even on our 125-foot-high tower. I’ve been very impressed with their performance and would have no qualms using them for all my clay shooting – including competitions.”

The 24g VIP Steel Pro Eco Wad cartridge’s main features are:

• Premium standard performance steel shot

High quality No. 7 steel shot which conforms to the restrictions allowing it to be shot through most standard guns without needing to bear the Fleur de Lys stamp.

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• Pro eco wad

Eley’s hydro-soluble wad is 100% biodegradable, made from organic materials and breaks down in water within 24 hours.

• Low recoil

Utilising the VIP’s signature PSB+3 powders, the felt recoil from firing the cartridge is lower than other 12-gauge steel options.

• Heat-sealed technology

The cartridge has been heat-sealed on the crimp to prevent the ingress of moisture.

The 24gVIP Steel Pro Eco Cartridge will be available to Eley stockists and online cartridge retailers from May 2021.