Take a #Twelfie to celebrate and show your support for shooting sports

PETERICHMAN http://bit.ly/1ryPA8o

PETERICHMAN http://bit.ly/1ryPA8o - Credit: Archant

BASC has relaunched its #twelfie photographic competition to herald the start of the grouse shooting season; #twelfie celebrates everything glorious about sporting shooting in all its forms

BASC has relaunched its #twelfie photographic competition to herald the start of the grouse shooting season.

Nathan Little, BASC’s social media officer, said: “Celebrate the Glorious Twelfth and everything great about sporting shooting by sending us your glorious photography. The Twelfie competition is back for another season and this is your chance to get involved and show off your photography skills.

“Whilst the Glorious Twelfth traditionally celebrates the Red Grouse season in the UK, #twelfie celebrates everything glorious about sporting shooting.

“This year our #twelfie competition will use social media to highlight the historic traditions of this sport and its value to conservation.

“We want to show that whether on a grouse moor, in a pigeon hide, a high seat or stuck in the office, on the Glorious Twelfth we stand united in support of all our fieldsports and say let’s have #NoMoorMyths”

BASC chairman Peter Glenser said: “Grouse shooting in the UK has an annual value of £100 million and supports the equivalent of more than 2,500 full-time jobs.

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“Preserving exceptionally rare heather moorland for grouse shooting helps support numerous species of endangered wading bird. This competition is a chance to celebrate an important time of year for conservation and the economy.”

Submissions will be accepted from August 12th to August 31st and the winner will be announced on September 1st.

To enter, all you need to do is upload your photograph to the BASC website. We will then share the best entries on the @BASCnews Twitter feed.

We are accepting all general photography related to sporting shooting.

The winner will receive a canvas and leather shotgun slip, a canvas and leather cartridge bag, a boot bag and 250 Eley game cartridges. The runner up will receive 250 Eley cartridges.

To enter, simply upload your photos here: https://basc.org.uk/twelfie/