Simulated game days 2021 at the Great Tew Estate

There are two options available at the Great Tew Estate, one for single guns/small groups, and a ful

There are two options available at the Great Tew Estate, one for single guns/small groups, and a full day for groups of up to 16 guns - Credit: Archant

You’ll never have more fun shooting clays than you will at a sim game day, and the Great Tew Estate offers some of the best

Located a little over an hour from London, the Great Tew Estate encapsulates much of what might be considered the archetypal English Country Estate. Rolling grassland, oak woods with a carpet of bluebells, chocolate box thatch cottages. The Great Tew Estate is all this and much more.

Whilst the village is often described as one of the prettiest villages in England, Great Tew remains cloaked in its long history, from its Roman origins, through the romance of the Civil War to its ownership by one of the pre-eminent industrial revolution families. However, today the Estate presents a modern image of a diverse rural business with a contemporary approach.

This quintessential English estate, just 10 miles from Banbury, offers an outstanding variety of drives. It has a renowned game shoot that lends itself naturally to offering the best simulated clay drives anywhere in the country. The estate is so passionate about it’s shooting legacy that several years ago, it built a line of eight stone grouse butts. No other shoot in the country provides these facilities.


The ultimate simulated day with five drives run exactly like a real shoot, all at a fraction of the price.

Including breakfast, refreshments in the field, a two course lunch and afternoon tea. Your skills will be tested on a variety of exhilarating simulated quarry.

Price: £3,266 + VAT for 8-16 Guns

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Dates: Saturday 24th April, Wednesday 5th May, Saturday 29th May, Thursday 3rd June, Saturday 19th June, Friday 9th July 2021

Price: £255 inc. VAT Per Person