November 07

Promoting British game

Promoting British game

This shooting season, 8,500 butchers and 4,000 pubs will receive the Countryside Alliance's 'Game to Eat' campaign promotional newsletter.  The newsletter aims to help raise the profile of British game and provides ideas on how businesses can make the most of delicious, economical and plentiful British game this season.

Game to Eat Director Alexia Robinson commented: "The newsletters are an integral part of the £250,000 program promoting game this season. They are always hugely well received by butchers and pubs and are a vital tool in promoting game sales in these two vital sectors".

BASC are also doing their bit to promote game this season. They are distributing over 100,000 copies of a new leaflet filled with great game recipes. It is the third in a series produced as part of BASC’s Game’s On initiative and features recipes for venison, pigeon, duck and pheasant.

Sales of venison, pheasant and grouse soared 46 per cent to a market value of £57 million from 2004 to 2006 – and are forecast to increase by a further 47 per cent by 2011 and to be worth £84 million (Mintel 2007).

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