March 08

March 08 News

March 08Alliance: green budget 'no comfort for the countryside' 12.03.08 – The Countryside Alliance has challenged the Chancellor on his plans to raise taxes on fuel in November, saying “this measure won’t be any fairer in November – we need a clear tax policy that does not discriminate against road users in rural communities”. Alliance boss Simon Hart commented: “Hiking already high taxes will have an adverse effect on rural communities who have poor public transport services and therefore rely heavily on private car use... Rural people are not after special favours, but they deserve a level playing field."


Shooters reassured over poultry register 07.03.08 – Defra minister Lord Rooker has said that he will be advising the secretary of state that the GB Poultry Register should be used only to help fight disease. Defra created the register in 2005 in its fight against bird flu with assurances that information would only be used for this sole purpose. But last November it issued a consultation on potential changes of “use of personal data held on the GB Poultry Register” including making it available to HM Revenue & Customs and to “facilitate mail shots from commercial companies”, raising serious concerns for shooters who have provided Defra with information for the register. The government has yet to publish its response to the consultation. More details here »News index