January 09

January 09 News

Have you seen the green parakeets?

Natural England have launched a three-month consultation (December to end of February) on proposed changes to the species listed on wildlife general licence. Among the birds they’re thinking of adding to the woodpigeons, crows and magpies already on the licence are monk and ring-necked parakeets. Parakeets are currently protected by law, although one licence has been granted to kill 30 birds to prevent serious damage to crops. A risk assessment by the GB Non-native Species Secretariat said that ring-necked parakeets “can have a negative association with native secondary cavity nesters” and “monk parakeets are known to dominate feeding areas and act aggressively to competitors”. Nesting woodland birds such as tits, woodpeckers and nuthatches seem to be most at risk from competition for food and nest sites. Evidence from other countries indicates the birds also have potential to cause significant agricultural damage, and monk parakeets can cause energy supply problems by building nests on pylons and transformers.For details of the consultation, go to www.naturalengland.org.uk/consultations

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