December 07

PUBLISHED: 16:36 10 January 2008 | UPDATED: 15:08 28 November 2012

December 07 News

19.12.07 – This email from the president of British International Clay Target Shooting Federation is currently circulating across the shooting industry:

Dear all,

As you are probably aware, the proposed venue for the shooting events at the 2012 Olympic Games is Woolwich Barracks. This is not a suitable venue and despite the best efforts of GB's shooting governing bodies, the powers that be are not prepared to move it.

The idea is to construct it and knock it down after the Games at vast expense.This will leave shooting in this country with no lasting legacy, unlike the majority of other Olympic sports.

An E-petition to move the venue has been uploaded onto the 10 Downing Street website and I would ask that you sign up to support the attempt to move it.

Phil Rowley

President of BICTSF

To sign up, click here

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