BBC accused of hypocrisy after it sanctions freelance contributor

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The BBC has been accused of hypocrisy after sanctioning a freelance journalist for views expressed in an article about transgender women while failing to rein in Packham...

The BBC has been accused of hypocrisy after sanctioning the BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s hour presenter, Jenni Murray, for writing an article in the Sunday Times about transgender women.

A spokeperson said: “Jenni Murray is a freelance journalist and there were her own views. However, we have reminded her that the presenters should remain impartial on controversial topics covered by BBC programmes.”

When compared to the staement put out after the Countryside Alliance called on the BBC to rein in Chris Packham (statement below), it throws up serious questions about consistency and hypocrisy.

“Mr Packham was a freelance presenter and as such not a BBC employee. It was clear that Mr Packham had been expressing his personal views as an individual, and that there was no implication that the charities and other causes he supported were endorsed by the BBC. Accordingly, Trustees did not consider that Mr Packham had undermined the BBC’s reputation for impartiality.”