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Don't bin the skin!

PUBLISHED: 16:42 19 February 2013 | UPDATED: 15:10 21 February 2013

Save the skin

Save the skin


A new range of tanning kits is now available from

A new range of tanning kits is now available from, suitable for tanning a whole range of animal skins. The kits can be used on animal skins that are going to be used as rugs, throws or even clothing or clothing accessories. Whatever the eventual use, these kits offer an easy method of using skins that are often thrown away and wasted.

The White Tan kit is designed for easily and effectively curing and tanning smaller skins such as squirrel, rabbit, hare and even fox. Simply mix the solution as directed, prepare the skins, pop them in the solution for 24-48 hours, rinse and hang to dry. It really is that easy. White tan will cure up 30 rabbit skins or six fox skins (or the equivalent area) per kit.

The other kit is K-Tan, which is suitable for tanning a whole range of animal skins from small to large. The simple brush on system allows the user to tan larger skins such as sheep, deer, goat and calf without the need to make a large volume of solution in which to submerge the skins in the traditional manner. There is enough material in the K-Tan kit to tan two large sheep skins or the equivalent area.

RRPs: White Tan £19.95, K-Tan £29.95. Available through good gun shops or online at Tel: 01492 640 664.

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