Top 5 rimfire rifles

Top 5 Rimfire Rifles

Ruger 10/22

If you like semi-automatics, the place to start must be Ruger’s immensely successful 10/22. An entire industry has developed around improving it – but even straight out of the box it is an effective and attractive hunting weapon with a slick rotary magazine and sleek lines.

Viking Arms, Prices from £270 Sako Quad

Having discontinued their much admired Finnfire, Sako have moved on with the excellent Quad. This gun has interchangeable barrels in .17HMR, .17M2, .22WMR and .22LR. The model shown has a synthetic stock, but the new Hunter model is now available with traditional wood.

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CZ rimfire rifles, made in the Czech republic, are probably more popular than any other make in this category. They offer great quality and value – a rare combination. In recent years, stocks have been redesigned so that there are some interesting and attractive new options on offer.

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The Anschutz bolt-action rimfire gun is one of this country’s favourites for pest control (just as Anschutz rifles are top of the league for target shooting). The guns have excellent trigger pulls, first class barrels, and uncompromising build quality. You will not go wrong with one of these.

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Ruger 77

The clasic styling of the Ruger 77, though it weighs only around 61⁄2lbs, is similar to the firm's popular full-bore rifles. It has a nicely finished American walnut stock. The action, a high-tech casting, is modified Mauser. The 77 has just become available in the sizzling little .17 Mach 2 cartridge.

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