Savage Model 42 Combo dual calibre firearm

Savage Model 42

Savage Model 42 - Credit: Archant

The Model 42 is the perfect pest control tool and is also great for youngsters

The Savage Model 42 Combo dual calibre firearm from Savage Arms incorporates a .22LR or .22WMR rifle and .410 shotgun in one firearm, giving shooters an extra level flexibility.

Developed from Savage’s iconic Model 24 combination gun that was first introduced in 1950, the Model 42 Combo is a break-open firearm with a 20-inch .22LR or .22WMR barrel on the top and a three-inch-chambered .410 barrel, with cylinder bore choke, underneath. Both barrels are attached to a hinged action receiver and run through a modern, sculpted synthetic fore-end.

The gun incorporates a 13.5” long polymer stock, blued-steel barrels, matte black steel hardware and a non-ferrous cast mono-block receiver that permanently encases the two barrels. A textured pistol grip and soft-rubber butt pad make it comfortable to shoot.

The Model 42 Combo also features easy to use extractors, rather than ejectors, a large blade front sight and a breech-mounted square notch rear sight that can be adjusted for wind and elevation or removed and replaced with a scope mount. The barrel selector is situated on the large spurred external hammer and there is also a crossbolt safety switch.

Derek Edgar, Managing Director of Edgar Brothers, said: “The Model 42 Combo is the perfect pest control, rabbiting or hedgerow gun and is also suitable for younger shooters thanks to its light weight of just 6lb. Easy to use, handy and weather resistant it is well built and shoots extremely accurately, making it a gun that can be relied on for years to come.”

The fact that the Model 42 Combo is technically both a rifle and a shotgun means it needs to be entered on a UK Firearms Certificate and also on a UK Shotgun Certificate.

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