Centrefire Rifles

Centrefire Rifles

Sako 85 Hunter

An evolution of the popular 75 model, boasting controlled-round feed and improved stock shapes – with a comb more parallel to barrel axis – as well as some magazine modifications. The 75 shot well and the 85 is as good or better with a guarantee of 1in at 100 yards.

Distributed by GMK, www.gmk.co.uk Prices from £1,235


Remington 700

The 700 with its famous ‘three rings of steel’ in the action is probably the world’s most popular sporting rifle. A simple but splendid design, it has been chosen by many budget conscious shooters. In its latest incarnations the 700 has a more elegant, classical look.

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For info see www.edgar-brothers.co.uk Prices from £600


Ruger 77

Bill Ruger took the firearms world by storm when he introduced the model 77 around 30 years ago. A modified Mauser, it was presented in a well-priced package with lines influenced by makers like Holland & Holland. Economy was made possible by new investment casting techniques.

Viking Arms, www.vikingarms.com Prices from £627


Tikka T3

One of the most popular rifles with serious sporting riflemen in Britain, the T3 has two-lug bolt and a detachable box mag. The guns are famous for their accuracy, and most will shoot tiny groups without any modification. The company is based in Finland, and part of the Beretta empire.

Distributed by GMK, www.gmk.co.uk Prices from £640


Steyr Mannlicher

Always a good rifle for fans of old-world craftsmanship and something a bit different. These guns continue to impress sportsmen with their consistent build quality and unique aesthetics. The ‘swirled’ barrel and ‘butterknife’ bolt are distinctive features in some models.

The Sportsman, 01803 558142 Prices from £735 ";s:13