Raised dog bed


products - Credit: Archant

Keep your hard working gundog cosy with this raised dog bed

The Raised Tuffie Bed is a double-skinned, strong, plastic dog bed. The double skin means that there is still air under and around your dog, keeping the bed warm and insulated from even the coldest of floors. The bed lifts your dog 15cm off the floor providing him with a warm place from where he can observe the world; the 20cm draught-excluding surrounds keeping him cosy. You can put your own blankets or cushions in or you can purchase the perfectly fitting Tuffies liner, which comes off easily for machine washing. As a doggy armchair, it is modern and stylish in the lounge with a liner to match your interior colours, and as a garden, kennel or dog-room dog bed, it is an absolute must. Prices start at £77 for the bed itself, and £44 for the liner. Visit www.tuffies.co.uk or call 01888 563288.