Gun test: ATA Arms SP Black Supersport 

ATA Arms SP Black Supersport

Drennan reviews the ATA Arms SP Black Supersport - Credit: Emily Damment

Drennan Kenderdine reviews the ATA Arms SP Black Supersport - a shotgun for less than £800 that handles like a dream!


Matt-black, bold and straightforward! - Credit: Emily Damment

ATA guns have been heading to our shores here in the UK for quite a few years now; many people think ATA guns are something new, and they’re not! Based in Turkey, ATA Arms has been around since 1955. It specialises in the manufacture of shotguns, but has recently expanded into other areas of firearm manufacture such as rifles and air rifles, adding to its diversification. 

ATA claims to pride itself on quality and on producing the very best products at an attainable price, and let me tell you, the price is unfathomable for what you get here. Sportsman Gun Centre (SGC), the UK’s largest gun retailer, is proud to be ATA’s sole UK distributor to trade and retail customers. I’ve worked with SGC for years now, and if there’s one thing I know about them, it’s that they don’t put their name to anything unless it offers good value for money and the product works.  

The two things I often hear said about ATA guns are: “It’s a Beretta Silver Pigeon copy” and “It’s a poor man’s Beretta!” Ok, hands up, I agree that the action does look a lot like the Italian super giant's, but in truth, that’s about the only thing that even comes close to mimicking a Silver Pigeon; after that, the comparisons drop off a cliff. For starters, the Beretta has an inertia driven trigger group, whereas the ATA has manual triggers. So, you can fire anything through the ATA, and it’s going to go BANG! 

I’ve never really been into gun reviews or debates that focus on the engineering aspects of guns, especially how guns close and lock together “by a procedure of dodecahedron trunnions integrating with the monobloc axis of a mechanical component, that prevents mated shafts and other machine elements from moving out of position when subjected to external forces”. Sigh!  

Guns are tools. I’m a shooter. If it’s in the UK, the gun has passed through the proof house, or is wavered because the country of origin has confirmed the gun as fit for purpose – in other words, it’s SAFE! This allows me, when testing, to focus on the more important topic of what the gun is designed to do, and how nicely (or not!) it does it. I couldn’t care less if it’s held together by sliding bolts, cheese wedge integration, deadbolts or elastic... it’s safe and shootable. The end. Now, let’s go shooting! 

ATA Arms SP Black Supersport

The ATA Arms SP Black Supersport has a single, selective gold trigger - Credit: Emily Damment

ATA Features 
Trigger Group:
The ATA Supersport features a single selective gold coloured trigger. It is non-adjustable, which isn’t a surprise given the cost of the Supersport, and the length of pull is set to 14 ½”. The trigger grouping has a firm pull, and it proved consistent even after receiving some large loads.

Stock: The stock on this particular ATA is standard, so not adjustable. It’s a grade 2.5 of Turkish Walnut, and being completely honest, this grade varies in looks – I have seen what I would call a grade 2 labelled as 2.5, but I’ve also seen them with what I’d assume to be a much higher grade of wood for the same money. So, it might be worth looking around for one that’s got better wood on it. Laser-cut chequering is set in the right place with a traditional layout. It has a competition style close radius pistol grip, and the slightest palm swell I’ve ever encountered, which is oddly comfortable and functional! 

Barrels: The new ATA Supersport barrels are now given a matte black finish with both top and centre ribs ventilated, which you usually only find on more expensive guns. The 10mm parallel rib is cross-hatched to prevent glare. It has the trio of future-proofing features, i.e. 3” chambers, chrome-lined barrels and a fleur-de-lys mark. Both top and bottom barrels are bored to 18.3, allowing fibre cartridges to perform better, and there is a red fibre optic sighting bead on the end. 

ATA Arms SP Black Supersport

You'll either love or hate the fore-end, but it does a job! - Credit: Emily Damment

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Fore-end: This is what I’d call a marmite fore-end; you’ll either love it or hate it. It’s functional and does the job, hand on heart, so I’m not totally sure why I dislike it! It actually feels planted in the hand and gives great reception in feeling when you’re shooting it. I think it’s the short length and roach-style belly that throws me off aesthetically; but personal preference aside, it does its job well. 

Action: The action has a matt black finish, which goes well with the barrels. The bold and straightforward plain design of the action is quite appealing. The red Supersport logo and radial grooves are just enough to catch the eye and give it that little bit of style.  

Chokes: The Supersport comes with two types of choke tube – two extended with a silver finish, and three flush chokes. Now, I’ve seen some extended chokes in my life, but the last time I saw an extension this long was when Fred Dibnah extended another ladder up the side of a chimney stack. Don’t get me wrong, they work; in fact, they work very well! The longer extension allows you to get a brilliant grip to either insert or remove them. Ostentatious as they are, I like it! 

ATA Arms SP Black Supersport

SUPER extended chokes make it easy to insert and remove them - Credit: Emily Damment

Shooting the ATA Supersport 
Whether you are into balancing guns or not, the Supersport requires some weight being placed in the stock, as I find it front end heavy. Once done, it’s certainly a different gun to shoot.  

Yes, it weighs heavier because of the added weight, but it’s well worth it. I shot the ATA round a Sporting course and on one of my Simulated Game days, and it’s a simple and easy gun to shoot. You can watch the video review on Shooting & Country TV on YouTube. 

It has the sort of handling that makes recovery from mistakes easily achievable, and it’s a gun that is enjoyable to shoot. It’s a perfect gun for beginners, or those who are more serious but are on a budget, and it would also make a brilliant addition to shooting schools and clubs to be used for newbies, lessons and corporate days. 

One final thing to note is that ATA have also ticked the environmental box by presenting this in cardboard packaging. All in all, a lot of gun for your money! 


Grade 2.5 Turkish walnut on the stock - Credit: Emily Damment

ATA Arms 
Model: SP Black Supersport 
Calibre: 12G 
Mechanism: Over-and-under 
Gun Style: Sporting 
Stock: Turkish Walnut grade 2.5 
Barrel lengths: 30” and 32” 
Chokes: 2 extended, 3 flush 
Chamber: 3” 
Case: Presented in cardboard packaging  
RRP: £799.99