Get a grip!

The MacWet gloves worked great

The MacWet gloves worked great - Credit: Archant

Dom and Rebecca check out MacWet gloves

Gloves aren’t just for keeping your hands warm – not when you’re shooting, at any rate. Of course that’s a part of it, but there are other factors to consider. When stalking you don’t want big pale flashes of exposed skin, so covering your hands, even in hot weather, is a good idea.

You don’t want bulk, either. Using a trigger with finesse and keeping, if you’ll pardon the expression, a firm hold on your weapon are important considerations too.

MacWet gloves promise “100 per cent great grip – even in the wettest weather” and have the added advantage of fitting like a second skin. I’ve been trialling the Climatec model that retails around the £25 mark. They are breathable, wicking and actually offer enhanced grip when damp. They offer so much sensitivity, I even typed this story while wearing them! Plenty of colours and different options are available and all promise grip, not slip. Visit for more information.