Cartridge test: Sellior & Bellot S-Class 

Sellior & Bellot S-Class cartridge box and shell on a table in front of a shotgun

The artwork on the boxes wasn't going to blow anyone away, but the cartridges inside exceeded expectations! - Credit: Drennan Kenderdine

The S-Class from Sellior & Bellot may have a budget price tag, but its performance is definitely premium! Drennan Kenderdine reviews the S-Class

When you hear 'S-Class', you immediately think 'Mercedes S-Class', which is the world’s best-selling luxury saloon car. The S-Class is the flagship vehicle for Mercedes-Benz, so there is no wonder that luxury, refinement, opulence and a smooth ride are just some of the features you can expect from Sellior & Bellot’s S-Class cartridge. 

Paul Sanders, who imports Sellior & Bellot into the UK, wholeheartedly put his reputation and name to this new cartridge, telling me: “It’s just sodding brilliant, Dren!” Paul isn’t the sort of chap to spin a yarn and say something is good when it’s actually not; Paul says it how it is, which is rare, especially when you are selling stuff! 
First impressions and specifications 
On to the cartridge itself. The cartridge boxes are functional; they do a job. Personally, although I always say the box does nothing, I’ll confess here that a little more effort could have gone into the artwork to help lift the dopamine levels. On the other hand, the labelling is clear and bold, which is a plus. There is only one real gripe here – the shot size is printed in continental form, so what we call No.8 is labelled 2.25.  

Rocking what I would call a petrol blue 70mm translucent case and a whopping 21mm bright silver brass head, or ferrel if you prefer, the cartridge is loaded with a 28g load in just two shot sizes – 2.45mm (No.7½) and 2.25mm (No.8), and categorised for Sporting shooting. They look pretty to the eye, and I was now itching to get this thing dug into some Sporting and some simulated game. 

The Sellior & Bellot S-Class cartridge, shown loaded in the side of a Beretta UGB25 Xcel

A petrol blue 70mm translucent case houses 28g of No.7 1/2 or No.8 shot - Credit: Drennan Kenderdine

What are they like to shoot? 
I’m no stranger to the age-old phrase used by manufacturers and importers of ammo: “They’re super smooth and super low in recoil!” I wouldn’t be far behind Elon Musk if I’d been paid a pound for every time I have heard those claims. But there are occasions when those claims are valid, and boy, oh boy, the S-Class is not only super smooth and one of the lowest recoiling competition cartridges on the market, but it also breaks clays with devastating explosiveness.  

To be honest, the S-Class, to start with, was a bit confusing for me. The math is simple – a cartridge belting out 410mps or 1,345fps isn’t the cheetah of the cartridge world, but it’s not exactly travelling at the speed of rock erosion either. What was baffling was the impact on the clays – the explosive visuals you get when you connect is incredible! How can something so smooth with such low recoil perform such devastating kills!?  

The difference between the No.8 and No.7 ½ really comes down to what the shooter wants. I prefer the 7 ½, but it has always been my preference to have a larger pellet. A slightly bigger pellet means a bigger impact, and a bigger impact feeds my brain and makes me a happy shooter. It’s that simple. You have to find what ticks the box for you personally, and luckily, either one of these two pellet sizes does a fantastic job. 
I’m profoundly astonished by what S&B have produced with their S-Class cartridge. For me, it’s a cartridge that offers faultless performance. Having said that, I can see some people not favouring it because the low recoil has the potential to confuse the shooter into thinking that this cartridge is a budget shell, with budget-level performance to match. I can reliably inform you that it won’t underperform.  

Its performance on Sporting targets and simulated game was absolutely excellent, and it holds its pattern well even when shooting out to long ranges to really test its legs.  
In conclusion, yes, it really does deserve and live up to that S-Class name! 

Length: 70mm or 2 ¾”  
Shot Diameter: 2.25mm (No.8) and 2.45mm (No.7 ½) 
Speed: 410mps or 1,345fps 
Wad: Plastic only
Ferrel/Brass: 21mm 
Load: 28g or 1oz 
Suggested use: Sporting and FITASC 
Crimp: 6-star crimp 
RRP: From £280 per 1,000

North: Mike Pearson
Tel: 07768 510782

South: Paul Sanders
Tel: 07581 471146