6 of the Best: Cartridges for sim game

Two men on a simulated game shoot, one loading a cartridge into the other's gun

Don't let bad cartridge choice ruin your long-awaited simulated game shoot! With these six loads, you know you can shoot in comfort all day, and not get into trouble for shooting plastic wads! - Credit: Emily Damment

Our round up of 6 fantastic cartridges that are ideal for simulated game shooting this summer!

Simulated game shoots always make for a wonderful day out; they bring all the benefits of a really game shoot, plus good weather and limitless shooting opportunities! The one thing that can really put a dampener on your sim game day is the wrong choice of cartridge.

You'll be shooting all day, in exceptionally high volumes, over beautiful countryside... so, you'll need something nice and soft, but still with enough power to hit those high driven targets, and a fibre or biodegradable wad is usually non negotiable.

With this in mind, we have gathered a great selection of cartridges suitable for simulated game shooting, so all you have to do is choose which one you fancy!

A line of people shooting at a simulated game shoot

For simulated game, you will need a cartridge that can break targets at range, while still being soft on the shoulder... and, of course, fibre/biodegradable wads are a must to preserve our countryside! - Credit: Emily Damment

Lyalvale Express Super Light 21g 
The lighter 21g load means kickback is kept to a base minimum, ensuring a more comfortable shot, whilst the quick-burning progressive powder makes the Super Light a lightening fast cartridge. Available with a plastic or fibre wad, the Super Light is perfect for a simulated game day where plastic can’t be used, and when 400-1,000 shots per day might otherwise begin to take its toll on the shoulder. It is also well-priced, so your day won’t cost you the earth! 
RRP: From £234 per 1,000 
Visit: lyalvaleexpress.com 

Eley Hawk Olympic Blues 
A competition cartridge that combines outstanding performance with an affordable price tag, the Olympic Blue’s characteristics include low recoil, crisp firing and reliably consistent ballistics. Delivering a muzzle velocity of 1,375 fps with a 2¾" case, they will consistently break targets at long range in many disciplines including simulated game. Available in 24g or 28g in fibre or plastic in No.7.5, 8 or 9, we’d recommend the 24g fibre for your simulated game day! 
RRP: From £268 per 1,000 
Visit: eleyhawkltd.com  

Gamebore Evo  
A performance load for use at competition level yet still affordable for club shooting. Loaded with a choice of 21, 24 and 28g. Manufactured in a translucent blue 10mm headed case to keep it affordable but without sacrificing performance, this load has been developed alongside top-level shooters. The Evo range delivers the performance you would expect from Gamebore. Choose one of the lighter options for your sim game event and shoot in comfort all day long! 
RRP: From £233 per 1,000 
Visit: gamebore.com  

NEW Lyalvale Express Power Blue 24g 
The Power Blue is one of Lyalvale’s best value cartridges designed specifically to meet the needs of the club shooter, and the 24g is excellent for sim days! The fast-burning powder makes this a slightly faster shot than the English Sporter, with excellent performance well over longer distances. The new nickel head makes for improved performance and reduced recoil. The cartridge features a fibre wad and a 70mm case with No.7.5 shot travelling at 1,425 fps. 
RRP: From £272 per 1,000 
Visit: lyalvaleexpress.com 

Fiocchi TT1 21g 12-bore and 20-bore 
Fiocchi’s TT1 is available in both 12-bore and 20-bore, providing all shooters with fabulous option for simulated game days. Loaded with 21g of No.7.5 shot and featuring a fibre wad, this load is easy on the shoulder making it perfect for high volume shooting. With explosive downrange performance at a reasonable price, these cartridges are a cost-efficient choice without sacrificing on the performance you need. 
SRP: 12-bore, from  £223.85 per 1,000; 20-bore from £271.15 per 1,000
Visit: fiocchi.com  

Lyalvale Express Supreme Comp 20-bore 
The Supreme Twenty is based on the same formula as the Supreme Game range – two-time winner of Best Game Cartridge at the Shooting Industry Awards, giving 20-bore shooters a high-performance cartridge with excellent patterns and low recoil. At 21g, this cartridge is ideal for sim game, and it comes in plastic or fibre so you can choose the eco-friendly option when shooting in the beautiful UK countryside. Loaded in a 67mm case with No.7.5 shot. 
RRP: From £299 per 1,000
Visit: lyalvaleexpress.com