Gelenkraft – Joint power!

Luposan Joint Power!

Luposan Joint Power! - Credit: Archant

A powerful German supplement in three different strengths to protect and strengthen joints, helping to enable a longer working life for your gundog...

Healthy joints are essential for achieving the long and happy working life we all wish for our gundogs. Luposan Gelenkraft (or Joint Power, in English!) is a German supplement that helps to promote joint health by protecting and strengthening joints, cartilage, connective tissues, ligaments and tendons. It also assists in the formation of cartilage and the lubrication of joints and increases the elasticity of connective tissue. It has a high content of glycoaminoglycans, which are complex proteins found in a variety of body tissues, including joints!

Packed full of powerful goodness and cost effective to feed… based on a tub of 1,350g Luposan Gelenkraft Concentrate (RRP £45), of which you would feed the average dog about 5g a day, it works out at just 17p per day.

This powerful supplement is available in three different compositions, which each contain different strengths of the main ingredient – green lipped mussel extract.

Guide –

* For young dogs: Luposan Gelenkraft Classic, 20% Green Lipped Mussel

* For adult dogs/mild joint problems/joint maintenance: Luposan Gelenkraft Concentrate (Pellets), 30% Green Lipped Mussel

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* For older dogs/major joint problems: Luposan Gelenkraft Concentrate (tablets), 40% Green Lipped Mussel

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(Tip: It can be confusing ordering the 30% and 40% Concentrate as they both appear to be the same product… the first two options in the drop down pricing menu are for pellets, which have 30% green lipped mussel extract, and it is the last option only for the higher strength tablets, which contain 40% green lipped mussel extract).