Clay Guns

PUBLISHED: 12:59 18 March 2008 | UPDATED: 15:08 28 November 2012

Clay Guns

Clay Guns

Top ten clayshooting over-and-unders

One of the world’s great shotguns, the Beretta 68 series is famous for its design and durability. It’s built from excellent materials on a low profile action with conical locking lugs and is available in models to cater for just about any shooting interest. If in doubt look no further.


Beretta’s all-singing all-dancing, drop-lock competition gun is an evolution of the older ASE model and good enough for Olympic champion Richard Faulds. The gun is finished to a high standard and available in both trap and sporting models. It offers Optima barrels with long forcing cones.


The latest version of a proven winner based on the classic action designs of John Moses Browning. The latest guns have some significant reshaping of the action fences that makes them look prettier – and chrome-plated barrels. The chambers won’t rust now!


A radical design built around a new low-profile action called the 'monolock'. The barrels do not pivot on a full-width pin nor are there stud pins at the knuckles. It is very low in profile, soft recoiling, and light in the barrels. We like the version with a conventional stock.


Perazzi guns have a great reputation amongst serious competitors, not least the Big Man himself, George Digweed, now 14 times world sporting champion. Based on a modified Boss design, Perazzis have great trigger pulls and superb barrels. Can be made to measure at no extra cost.


The K80 is based on the Remington 32 sliding top-cover action, as remodelled by Shotguns of Ulm. Looks a bit of a clunker. It ain’t pretty, but it sure does work – and it’s beautifully made. A great gun for serious skeet and trap, and receiving increasing attention from top sporting shots.


Kemen KM4 The MkII version is widely regarded as one of the world’s best clay guns. This latest version is narrower to the rear of the action. There is also a new, harder wearing action finish. A superb clay buster with lovely handling characteristics thanks to its back-bored, light-for-length barrels.

The Miroku MK38 is probably the best value serious competition gun on the market. Well designed (copying the Browning), well engineered and very nicely finished. The stock shape is especially good. You can spend more money but you won’t necessarily get more gun.


Caesar Guerini is the new kid on the block. Their designs are well proven, combining features of Beretta and Browning. Control, handling and value for money are superb. The Summit proves you don’t have to spend a fortune for a great gun, thanks to CNC technology.


It is hard enough to launch a new gun today, let alone make a great success of it. The attractive Blaser F3 has been a best seller with its clean, modernistic but classically inspired styling. Our favourite version is the lighter-barrelled game gun. In its basic forms it looks elegant and handles well.


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