A foldable resting device that fits in your pocket!

PUBLISHED: 12:10 10 August 2017 | UPDATED: 12:10 10 August 2017




We put this foldable, pocket-sized chair to the test... could the Sitpack be the answer to resting weary feet on long shoot days?


Shoot days often involve long periods of waiting; whether you’re a Gun, picker-up or beater. Some shooters, particularly those of ‘advancing years’ choose to carry a shooting stick to help take the weight off their feet while waiting for a drive to start. But now there is an alternative option, and one that will fit in your pocket: the Sitpack.

The Sitpack is a compact, foldable, height-adjustable resting device. When folded, the seat (which has won several design awards) looks like a small cylinder the size of a beer can. Unfolded, it reveals a 13-inch wide seat, and 34.25-inch telescopic leg which can be adjusted to suit.

Made out of the same polycarbonate used in bulletproof glass, and enforced with fibreglass, it is incredibly strong, light (less than 13 ounces), and can support a weight of over 286 lbs.

Its makers say that it enables the user to rest with the right posture, soothing a tired back and leaving only 30 percent body weight on the coccyx.


Having tried it for myself I would say that once you’ve got the hang of unfolding it (each section has to be pulled out and twisted to secure it) it is simple to set-up and feels very solid and secure when you’re perching on it – although it did take me a while to really trust that it wasn’t going to collapse on me (it didn’t!).

Would it be useful in the shooting field? Well, like any shooting stick, there’s no question that it would offer comfort to those that need it during the often long wait for a drive to start. Would someone who really needs to sit between drives use this clever, telescopic seat over a traditional one that requires no ‘assembly’? I’m not so sure.

I wondered if it might be quite handy for pickers-up – particularly those stationed on the far edges of the shoot, where long periods of watching and waiting are common. It’d fit easily into a game-bag or pocket and be less cumbersome to carry than a traditional seat. But again, there’s the issue of having to unfold it and pack it back up again, although this really does just take 30 seconds or so.

There’s no question that if you’re in the market for a portable seat, and you like the idea of something cool, ergonomic and compact, the Sitpack fits the bill. It is also reasonably priced at £45 – although whether it would pass the test of time like a more traditional seat made of leather and aluminium, remains to be seen.


Available in five colours.

RRP: £45 www.sitpack.dk

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