Deer capture: is it legal?

PUBLISHED: 11:37 07 December 2020

Deer capture: is it legal?

Deer capture: is it legal?


Is it legal to capture wild deer to breed from? Our expert Jonny Crockett replies...

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Q: I was recently asked about capturing the deer on our shoot so that they could be used to breed from. Is this possible and is it legal?

JONNY CROCKETT replies: This is an interesting question with many connotations, and the answer is not completely black and white. You can capture deer, but for the following reasons: scientific research, education and to relocate them if they are likely to cause damage or injure themselves. To do this you will need to apply for a licence. The application form can be found on the Defra website and is called an A32 form. The removal of deer that are in danger, or that could cause damage that may result in danger to a deer farm, is unlikely to be permitted.

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