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Gun tests

PUBLISHED: 16:29 03 February 2010 | UPDATED: 15:06 28 November 2012

Mike Yardley shotgun test

Every month in Sporting Shooter, Mike Yardley tests a shotgun and gives his honest expert opinion about whether it's worth the money.

He lists its strong and weak points, and gives advice on which types of shooter would find it most useful.

Here is a list of the guns he's tested in the past couple of years, and the issue of the magazine they appeared in.

Some of these tests can be downloaded as a pdf file by clicking on the link (provided you're logged in as a magazine subscriber). Other pdf files will be added in due course.

Alternatively, if you want to order a back-issue of the magazine, you can call 0870 830 4960

Guns tested

March 2010: Beretta Prevail Sporter, p34                                    

February 2010: Browning 525 Hunter, p30

January 2010: Powell Monarch 20 bore, p40

December 2009: Beretta Scroll engraved EELL, p38

November 2009: AyA 4/53 12-bore, p64

October 2009: Purdey Sporter 20-bore, p28

September 2009: Beretta 471SC, p28

April 2009: Guerini Summit Sporting, p62

March 2009: Beretta 471 Silver Hawk, p60

February 2009: Beretta 686E, p70

January 2009: Fabarm XLR5 Elite, p78

December 2008: Browning Heritage Sporter, p74

November 2008: EJ. Churchill Regal, p84

October 2008: Beretta Ulrika 2 Camo, p82

September 2008: Beretta Silver Pigeon 20-28 bore, p84

August 2008: Perazzi MX2000S, p94

July 2008: Webley & Scott .410 Junior, p84

June 2008: Browning Phoenix Special Duck, p84

May 2008: Winchester Select Sporting, p84

April 2008: Verney Carron Super Leger, p80

March 2008: Kemen KM4 MKII Lux B, p66

February 2008: Yildiz side-by-side 20 bore, p66

January 2008: Guerini Woodlander, p96

December 2007: Fausti Class O/U , p66

November 2007: Fabarm Classis 20-bore , p66

October 2007: Lincoln Premier 12-bore , p76

September 2007: Webley 700 side-by-side , p88

August 2007: Bettinsoli Supersport, p102

July 2007: Browning Phoenix Top Cote, p82

June 2007: Lincoln 410/28 combo O/U, p64

May 2007: Franchi Harrier Deluxe, p54

April 2007: Cynergy Pro-Sport 20-bore, p70

March 2007: Miroku MK70, p70

February 2007: Webley 820 20-bore semi-automatic, p26

January 2007: Caesar Guerini Magnus Jaspe, p32

December 2006: Beretta semi-auto AL391 Teknys Stonecoat, p54

November 2006: Beretta EELL Classic 68 series 20-bore, p14

October 2006: Browning B525, p72

September 2006: Lanber Gold Sporting Deluxe 12-bore, p36

August 2006: Beretta Silver Pigeon V 12 bore, p64

July 2006: Winchester Select Energy 12 bore, p86

June 2006: Krieghoff K80 12 bore, p86

May 2006: Fabarm Axis 20-bore, p60

April 2006: Browning Cynergy 20 bore, p86

March 2006: Beretta 682 Gold E Ltd, p88

February 2006: Browning B25 20 bore, p94

January 2006: Laporte Pro-II, p62

December: Aya 28 bore, p62

November 2005: Bettinsoli Super Sport, p58

October 2005: Zoli Kronos, p100

September 2005: Mckay Brown Round Action Over-and-Under, p96

August 2005: Miroku 28 bore, p106


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