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Kit for pigeon shooting

PUBLISHED: 10:48 26 March 2013 | UPDATED: 10:48 26 March 2013

What kit does our pigeon expert use?

What kit does our pigeon expert use?


What kit does Andy ‘Crowman’ Crow use to shoot pigeons?

Question: What barrel length and choke does Andy use for his pigeon shooting?

Andy Crow replies: I use a Beretta with a 28” barrel and usually either ¼ or ½ choke. However, I do sometimes use Skeet, too. It depends whether birds are decoying well or flighting past at longer range. My Berettas do pattern pretty tightly with my custom-loaded 32g 6s so you would need to experiment with your shell and gun to get something that works well for you. I also prefer a Sporter to an out-and-out game gun.


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